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The Efforts of my Masters

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

The first markings of a dream that changes the future we are heading into was planned for years.

During the second semester of Medicine, I was very interested in following the subject called "Neuropsychoimmunology". Reminds me of having ample of conversations with lecturers, browsing the internet to work on this subject and publish my personalized article. The journey throughout this study was fascinating, intuitive, and mostly like a roller coaster ride. A ride of knowledge, experience, wisdom, and emotions towards the acquisition of new technical and personal skills, while, at the same time manifesting oneself as a postgraduate. It was a kind gesture from Dr. Sue Mc Hale, my honorable supervisor for research, a source of encouragement to learn how to pursue my dream in the best possible way. She always respected my ideas, ways to approach the study, and did not lose hope in me. Despite having tough times to execute a research article, felt an irregularly regular pulse on publishing the efforts of my masters. The article may not be completely polished, but the lessons learned to achieve this state of mind have modified. I now know how to plan and analyze, and execute and publish any further research ideas that cross my curious set of neurons in the mind.

Please open the following link to view the paper:

or the abstract:

To sum up, in my personal view, I believe it was one of the best decisions in my life to opt for clinical cognitive neuroscience course as I learned many things and grew from a hard-working undergraduate to a wise, logical, understanding, and smart postgraduate. Along with my family and friends, I thank every member of my course (tutors and colleagues) for being my support, guide, and bringing the best out of me.

Hoping to seek and spread more knowledge wisely.

Credits: Quote & Picture from internet, Written by Dr Tahseen Ara Azad

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