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If I'm a Sun, what's my solar system?

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

What is our solar system? Who comes under it? How can planets revolve around us?

We often tend to handover our remote control to others and let them take control over us. We get excited if they like what we do or get sad if they dislike, measuring the scales of other peoples reactions taming our sense of emotions. Behind the veil believing that there is none worthless or useless than us, unless, they credit us for our efforts. Indeed, society, community, peer and small group of social gatherings would have an impact on our day to day life. One must never forget their solar system.

So, what is our solar system? Who comes under it? How can planets revolve around us?

Well! It's an imaginary world to understand the importance of people around you. Let me take you to the realm of fantasy if you are the sun, with many planets revolving around you.

The first orbit includes the people who know and cherish you the most. The dwellers of your past, present and future in need who hold your gardening dreams and let you shine in real from the start of your breath until one of them perish or leave (e.g., Parents and Spouse).

Then comes the second with runners of your breed (e.g., siblings or offspring) and specific bonds that we seed (e.g., best/close friends).

Followed by, the group of people that we meet on special occasions or events profoundly to maintain the legacy of our name (i.e., relatives) and also to share, help and spread achievements of our games.

Finally, the system goes to infinite orbits with different grades of chains revolving around as per time and phase, disappearing manes, soothing sane who bring out the same as the society claims (e.g., strangers).

Of course, the default system settings can change due to ample of circumstances. It is very significant to prioritize the count of people who has the right to hold our remote control and who has the right to watch us from far. Trust, reliance or faith in any condition relies on the responsibility of a person in our life. If we remember this, we shall also never forget one of the great quotes -

"Remember, you can't make everyone happy all of the time." nor can everyone always make you happy.

It depends upon you, your perception and your priority to hold your emotional remote control or hand it to a valuable person or give it to someone who doesn't value you.

Credits: Quote & Picture from internet, Written by Dr. Tahseen Ara Azad

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