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Balance that brings Peace

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Irrespective of knowledge about the atlas of emotions, we often forget the essence of every emotion designed to express our thoughts and reactions to unquestionable actions, situations or circumstances that deem to portray our way of communication. Messages that can be handwritten or spoken, sometimes also reciprocate through expressions or gestures that indicate our interest.

We often think that we live in a place where we measure ourselves with the emotions that we dwell into as per the situations and divide life into three parts -

  1. What we can tell about it

  2. What do we want to believe about it

  3. What we choose to ignore

But, what we forget is that these parts are the essence of 4 primary emotions - Happy, Sad, Fear and Anger. Irrespective of what occupation, status and wealth we belong to, we tend to fall into the cycle of these emotions. The best practical and healthy way to come out of it is to attain a habit of gratitude and smile every day as an act of kindness and charity. Over the past months, the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemics has left us with many challenges, so it is suggested as beneficial to maintain a balance of all four emotions to take care of yourself every day before others can come to help you. For example, grasping a habit of a small gesture - "social smile" to peer group members, friends, or just to yourself in front of the mirror.

Know yourself better:


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Credits: Quote & Picture from internet, Written by Dr Tahseen Ara Azad

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